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  • Design, manufacture and sell mold tooling
  • Ability to train and add overmolding to your facility.
  • Provide long term support for mold tooling and new projects

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Overmold Tooling Design and Development

We build tools to easily conform to a variety of mold base configurations for machines such as Newbury, Arburg, Autojector, Multiplas, and other standard platforms. We believe there is always a more innovative approach to overmolding, and we continually evolve and improve our process alongside our customers.

Overmold Tool Molding | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

Before production, every mold is profiled in ISC’s molding machines, for optimum set-up, including injection speeds, shot size, and temperature profiles.

In-house EDM Overmold Tooling | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

Our experts offer in-house capabilities for EDM, extensive solutions for improved strain relief, and custom designs built to customer specifications.

We utilize state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software to stay ahead in the industry and bring your product to life on screen before we go into production.

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Standard Overmolds

Save time and money by opting for an existing or standard overmold. We offer existing overmold options for most types of connectors, including a variety of shell sizes for circular connectors. We even have the ability to modify standard tools to fit to your needs.

Custom Overmolds

If your project requires a custom solution for cable assemblies, encapsulated circuits, or connectors, let us help you design a better product by creating a custom mold with our in-house tooling group.


We are the leaders in overmold cable solutions and pride ourselves on working closely with every client to create a custom solution. Let’s work together to bring your product to life.


We invite our clients to work on-site with our experts and access our in-house services including a state-of-the-art machine shop and injection molding equipment.



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