ISC Engineering Employees SolidWorks Software to Provide 3D Models of Its Products

SolidWorks’  online catalog  technology  reduces ISC’s  customers’  manufacturing  costs and  improves time  to market

POMONA,  Ca., August  10, 2002 –  ISC Engineering  LLC is using  SolidWorks  3D PartStream.NET®  to enhance  customer productivity  while increasing  sales of its  overmold tooling  and strain  relief products.  Powered by  3D PartStream.NET,  ISC’s online  catalog allows  design engineers  to view interactive  3D models  of ISC’s’  overmold products  and download  the exact  product configurations  into their  designs, reducing  their overall  manufacturing  costs and  increasing  product quality,  while ensuring  customers  incorporate  ISC’s’ products  into their  designs.

3D  PartStream.NET  enables customers  to download  3D CAD models  of ISC’s’  products in  a few minutes  instead of  taking hours  to draw components  from scratch.  “Our  customers  rely on us  to deliver  products quickly  according  to ISC’s co-founder  and President,  Steve Burk.  “Using  3D PartStream.NET,  our online  catalog gives  customers  real-time  access to  accurate 2D  and 3D representations  of our components  in the CAD  format of  their choice.  This convenience  and reliability  gives us a  distinct advantage  over our competitors.”

ISC  chose 3D PartStream.NET  because it  supports a  variety of  CAD formats  and was easy  to integrate  with the company’s  existing online  catalog. Previously,  ISC maintained  a large database  of static  2D and 3D  CAD files  to support  its online  catalog. As  business grew,  it needed  to more efficiently  manage CAD  data. Products  such as ISC’s  “Strain  Relief’s”  have millions  of possible  configurations,  making it  nearly impossible  to manage  thousands  of CAD models.

“Engineers  work in fast-paced  environments  and always  need new ways  to increase  output and  reduce time  to market,”  said Loc Ha,  co-founder  and vice-president  of Engineering,  and resident  technical  expert for  ISC. “From  the initial  concept to  the production  floor, ISC  is supporting  their customers  with innovative  products and  Web-based  solutions  for increasing  customer productivity.

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