High Performance, Harsh Environment Expertise

ISC Engineering is a recognized leader in developing and manufacturing custom overmold, cable assembly, and encapsulated circuit solutions for high performance, harsh environment applications. We are a team of passionate engineers who leverage our decades of design, tooling, and manufacturing experience to develop and build products that protect against moisture, extreme temperatures, cable breakage, chemical deterioration, and other adverse effects of harsh environmental conditions.


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Industry Applications

We aim to make it easy for you to find the right solution for your application. We will make sure your product is efficient, cost-effective, and at the forefront of innovation.

Military Aerospace Industry | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

Military and Aerospace

We have the in-house capabilities to provide weight saving assemblies that absorb shock, rigorous flexing, high voltage, water, and long product cycles. These services are available for not only cable assemblies but also encapsulated PCBs in the aerospace industry. We specialize in creating solutions that are lightweight and space-saving so you can have a cost-effective approach for your product.

Industrial Industry | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts


Our customers demand the toughest solutions to handle harsh environments for industrial applications. ISC’s overmold solutions are sealed and rugged to provide high-speed connections in adverse conditions. We manufacture overmolded circuits, cable assemblies, and integrated strain relief to meet your specifications and quality standards. We’ll ensure your product is safe from the elements.

Communications Industry | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts


Those working in the communication industry need high-quality assemblies, EMI shielding, prolonged flex relief, and encapsulated solutions to get the job done efficiently. Our solutions are reliable, high-performing, lightweight, and resistant to moisture, dust, and low impedance. Our team of experts will support you in designing something that meets your specifications.

Energy Industry | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts


Whether it is wind, solar, hydro, coal, thermal, chemical, or electrical — ISC offers complete, sealed, and submersible solutions for the energy sector. Our overmolded assemblies and encapsulated PCBs provide highly reliable and ruggedized products to meet the ever-increasing demands of the industry. We work with industrial customers to improve upon and develop safe and reliable solutions.

Medical Industry | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts


Together we can develop a solution that sets you apart from your competitors and will become the gold standard in the medical field. We are constantly innovating due to the stringent requirements in the medical industry for rugged solutions that need IP ratings, durability, and reliability. We understand what’s on the line when developing a medical product and take pride in our products.

Transportation Industry | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts


Whether it be off-road, automotive, agriculture, or construction equipment, our rugged high-performance cable assembly and overmolded smart cables are designed to withstand the abusive environments in the transportation industry. We go above and beyond to make sure your product withstands the demands of extreme temperatures, IP requirements, high impact, shock, and abrasion.

Other Harsh Environments

Whether you need a custom cable assembly, smart cable, or slip-on strain relief, we can provide a solution tailored to your application parameters. Our product designs protect against moisture, extreme temperatures, cable breakage, chemical deterioration, and other limiting conditions that may exist in adverse environments.

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