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We support the design and production of smart cables, overmolded PCBAs, overmolded flex circuits, encapsulated LEDs, and encapsulated sensors. Our dependable process improves time to market and ensures fewer points of failure. We offer tooling, custom cable assemblies, and overmolding to find solutions to any challenge you bring our way.

What Circuits Can Be Overmolded?
  • PCB & PCBA
  • Smart Cables
  • Flex circuits
  • Rigid PCB
  • Sensors & LEDs

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We use high-performance materials to provide molded and encapsulated solutions for smart cables and other electronics. This helps to protect the circuits and components from fluids, vibrations, temperature variations, and heavy impact.

Overmolded PCB Assembly | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

Our overmolded PCB assembly technology protects printed circuit board assemblies in harsh environments. We use a specialized process of sealing the PCB to protect it from impact, fluids, and vibration.  

Smart Cables | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

Encapsulated smart cables combine wires, connectors, and circuits into an environmentally sealed and molded assembly. This decreases the distance between circuits to reduce size, weight, and cost.

Encapsulated LEDs | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

We use a specialized process to encapsulate assemblies with LEDs in a translucent material. This unique design seals and protects LEDs while allowing the user to see the circuit boards inside.

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There is no cookie-cutter approach to solve every design dilemma. That’s why we offer our clients access to our full-service, in-house engineering experts. They work across all industries to develop comprehensive solutions for every engineering challenge.

Design Protection | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

Our cable assembly designs feature superior electrical performance between cables and connectors.

Environmental Sealing | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

We specialize in custom connectors, including overmolded PCBs built to specs.

Durable Materials | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

Our harsh environment products are designed specifically for use in adverse conditions.

Low Pressure Materials | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

Our custom connectors are the perfect alternative to costly potting and low-pressure injection molding.


We are the leaders in overmold cable solutions and pride ourselves on working closely with every client to create a custom solution. Let’s work together to bring your product to life.


We invite our clients to work on-site with our experts and access our in-house services including a state-of-the-art machine shop and injection molding equipment.



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