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Our experience with insert molding, overmolding, and low-pressure molding enables us to produce designs that are optimized for cost and performance. Bring us your challenge and we can develop discrete connectors and overmolds for any overmolded cable assemblies.

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  • Interconnect solutions
  • Custom molded cable assemblies
  • Encapsulated PCBs
  • Strain relief integration

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We expedite the process of custom connector solutions by offering in-house manufacturing. We specialize in harsh environment applications and will create a custom solution to ensure your success.

Power Connectors | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

Power connectors are optimized for a range of high performance and harsh environment applications including electric vehicle charging, solar power generation, and heavy duty power distribution.

Pogo Pin Connectors | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

The quality and design of a pogo pin connector is vital to performance. Our custom pogo pin solutions are created with flexible designs which are ideal for high mating cycle and low profile applications

Custom Designed Connectors | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

Custom designs are personalized to provide optimal performance. Connector designs combine the connector and overmold to reduce strain, weight, cost, and improve the efficiency of the overall design.

Smart Connectors | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

Smart cables combine wires, connectors, and circuits into an environmentally sealed molded assembly. Our process can decrease the distance between connections and circuits to reduce cost.

Medical Connectors | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

Custom medical connectors require advanced sealing and high temperature materials to withstand autoclaving. Our insert molding eliminates internal air gaps and prevents potential contamination.  

Low Voltage Connectors | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

Custom solutions for low voltage applications provide cost effective sealing and heat displacement. These connectors maximize signal distribution and increase efficiencies in installation.

Circular Connectors | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

Custom circular connectors are designed to meet specific performance requirements and increase the speed and connection between wires. We can develop both plastic and metal shell designs.

Sealed Data Connectors | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

Our made-to-order sealed data connector solutions use standard data connectors including mini-DIN, RJ45, HDMI, which protect the connectors. Our solutions seal to IP-68, and improve strain relief.

Custom Plugs and Jack Connectors | ISC Engineering | Overmold Experts

Custom plugs and jacks are low cost designs for quick connect and disconnect. Thumbpads can combine multiple wires into a one-of-a-kind solution and increase the integrity of electrical connections.


We are the leaders in overmold cable solutions and pride ourselves on working closely with every client to create a custom solution. Let’s work together to bring your product to life.


We invite our clients to work on-site with our experts and access our in-house services including a state-of-the-art machine shop and injection molding equipment.



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